My team has 5 members who would like to participate and we will pick which four will attend the finals competition if we advance to that round.  Is this ok?
No, there cannot be more than 4 individuals on a team.  All team members should be available to attend the entire finals competition if the team advances to that round.

Can more than one team from a school submit a prospectus to the competition?
There is no limitation on the number of teams from one school who submit prospectuses.

Can my team include students from one than one university?
Yes, students from different universities and programs can work together on a team.

Is this competition open to undergraduate students?
No, only students enrolled in a graduate degree program are eligible to participate in this competition. All students on a team must be graduate students.

If we advance to the finals competition, are we responsible for travel to the Final Event?
We will provide airfare and two nights lodging for the ten finalist teams.

I am interested in starting a business with social impact. Is this the kind of venture the Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge is looking for?
No, this competition requires you to propose and defend a sustainable impact investment strategy that uses finance and investment tools to create an innovative solution to an environmental or societal challenge. Integral to this competition are first, that you are creating a financial vehicle, and second, that your financial vehicle will have social impact.

I would like to participate in this competition, but I don’t have an idea yet. Can I request a mentor to help me decide on an idea?
We are happy to be able to provide mentors to help you refine your ideas. The focus of your prospectus must be identified before you can request a mentor.