First Round Judging

The first round of the Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge is judged electronically. We are looking for professionals with experience evaluating financial vehicles across an array of asset classes for portfolio inclusion.  First round judges are asked to read several two-page investment prospectuses and provide a numerical score and qualitative feedback for each submission based on a provided rubric.  Judges will receive the prospectuses and have approximately a week to review them.  The approximate time commitment is 2 hours.  Input will be used to select the top ten teams to present their pitches at the finals competition at Morgan Stanley in Hong Kong on April 12, 2019.


Watch this video for information on the role of judges. 


As an important part of the Challenge team, first round judges are the first to receive the details of the finals event.  On that day, there will be an opportunity to hear innovative and thoughtful pitches from the finalists and mingle with other judges and professionals interested in impact investing.
To become a first round judge, please review the judging criteria to ensure that you are comfortable evaluating these financial vehicles. Please click here to become a first round judge.


Final Round Judging
Judging at the finals competition is by invitation only. We are fortunate and grateful to have many investment professionals who are anxious to provide feedback and share their expertise with the next generation of impact investing professionals.